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Our Mission 

Gempath wants to create a safe, positive, affirming and educational environment to raise awareness of safe sex, mental health resources, and genuine peer support within our communities to help reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS, and sexually transmitted infections and diseases. 

Our Vision

We want to further the advancement of enlightenment and understanding for individuality through education, love, empathy and authenticity within our communities. We want to help people build better lives and embrace the paths that help us flourish.

Our Promise

We all have a story. We come from difference places, backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures with different perspectives and experiences and from these things we define ourselves uniquely in our society. No one can survive alone. We're meant to be in this together. To build-up and embrace each other. If we can improve the life of someone else while we walk this earth, then we're participating in small change that can lead to a massive increase in the world for more people. It's been said that if we can save one life, we can save the world. So, we're here for you. To support you, to love you, to edify and encourage you however we can. This is our promise. It begins with a belief that one person a make a difference, and that together we can change the world. Your smile, will make us smile, then we'll smile and both our days become brighter. It's simple, but even when it's not, we get it. We're here for you.