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Gempath HIV Support Group 
Next Meeting: Nov. 24, 2021 & Dec. 8, 2021
Location: First Christian Church 

14 W. 5th St. Covington, KY 41011

Time: 8-9PM

Gempath HIV support group is for individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, this group provides education on resources like medication and care, and facilitates discussions on adherence and other challenges of living with a positive diagnosis. The support group encourages dialogue about experience, disclosure, and other obstacles HIV+ individuals may face.

HIV Awareness, Outreach, and Educaiton

This project involves visiting night clubs, hangouts, and high-traffic/risk areas surrounding Cincinnati, Newport, and Covington and engaging people who are sexually active in discussions regarding their sexual practices and creating opportunities to provide safe-sex education and resources. Additionally, Gempath partners with certified HIV and STI testing facilities to promote incentive-based testing, transportation to-and-from testing sites, and hosting group discussions regarding risk and solutions among people suffering from homelessness and substance abuse. Resources include but are not limited to: condoms, lube, clothing, and blankets.

Community Circle
Next Meeting: TBD

This project coordinates entertaining events, such as public and private social gatherings, to strengthen the sense of community between gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and straight participants in the Greater Cincinnati Area. This project hosts events where participants can make connections with others and receive education that fosters tolerance and understanding.

Get Connected To Services Available Near You. 

Call 513-620-0018 to get connected with any of the following services available near you. In some cases transportation can be provided.

- (Free) HIV Testing Locations

-Linkage to STD (STI) Testing Locations Near You! 

- Emergency Shelter Information

-Food Banks Information

-Clothing Distribution Programs

-HIV Monthly Support Group 


-Transgender HIV Support Group 

- LGBTQ+ Addiction Recovery Support Group